Laverne Thompson 2016

Laverne has been part of the Access Work Experience faculty team since 1992. She has been instrumental in creating many of the courses and programs that our students have thrived in. Laverne was coordinator of our department for quite a few years and stepped down from the coordinator role in 2009. Still we have continued to rely on her to contribute to essential policy and curriculum revisions to guide our department through the changes we have experienced in the last few years. Her perspective has been vital to our survival and she never lost her cool – no matter what! Even on the picket line last year – Laverne is a permanent optimist!

Laverne has also been a leader in this organization. She was Chair of the DRN Executive for several years and although she has tried to step away a few times, she continues to be a driving force behind many of the projects DRNBC has initiated. Laverne helped create the Advocacy subcommittee of the DRN and most recently formed another subcommittee – the Research Committee. Laverne is also the DRNBC rep to the Expert Advisory Committee for Special Populations for WorkBC and I believe she may stay on these committees. Lots of work but that has never stopped her! Oh wait, she was ASE Articulation Chair for a few years too!

Always interested in research and what is new in our field, Laverne’s latest undertaking has been the UDL project at Capilano University. She took this project on with enthusiasm and professionalism and is a tireless advocate not only for increased access for students with disabilities but as a champion to create inclusive post-secondary classrooms. We have just received news that there is funding for a phase III for this project. Laverne’s first question for us when we asked if she was interested in carrying on with this contract was ‘can I do it from Europe?’

Thank you for all you have done for our students, our department and for the DRN, Laverne. We will miss you!



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