Wayne McNiven – 2016

Wayne McNiven, joined VCC in 1986, and his contributions to our community have been significant. He was the first instructor in the Career Awareness program when it began 30 years ago, was a two term department head in CACE, and since that time has tirelessly been a strong advocate for students with disabilities.

Not only has Wayne worked with our student group, he has been an educator and worked with staff, faculty, and students on LGBTQ issues and was the driving force behind VCC’s Positive Space committee. In February 2000, through Wayne’s leadership, VCC hosted an art competition called “Respect & Dignity – Confronting Homophobia through Art”. This event involved post-secondary institutions throughout the lower mainland whereby cash prizes were donated by local businesses. Art submissions were judged by local artists including Joe Average. The top three pieces were then made into impactful posters that were displayed at both campuses.

Wayne has also been an active member the faculty union VCCFA. He has been on the professional development funds committee for 20+ years; VCCFA shop steward for 12 years;; member of the VCCFA executive for 6 years; member of VCC’s previous Diversity Committee and a member of the Disability Advisory Committee.

Many of you know of Wayne’s long term involvement and commitment to the DRN. He has been on the Executive, Conference Chair and member of the Conference Planning committee for many years. Wayne’s creative designs, including his own artwork, have been depicted on the DRN conference postcards for the past 13 years. Wayne has been a one-man show in maintaining the DRN website, and even going into retirement, has agreed to continue in this role for a little longer.

So much more can be said on Wayne’s contributions, but I think it is only fair to say, “Thank you Wayne from the DRN… and welcome to the Wall of Fame. You deserve it!!!

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