Dana Sova 2013

Dana Sova had been a crucial part of the Douglas College’s Adult Special Education Basic Occupational Education team for 26 years. She began her career at Douglas as a Training Facilitator in the BOE program in October 1986. At that time there were only 2 training options to the BOE program, the Electronics and General Assembly and the Food Services options. As an Instructional Facilitator she supported and trained students with a variety of disabilities and barriers to employment, as well as, being involved with the implementation of the Micrographics Program option which has since become the Retail and Business Services option of the BOE program.

In 1996, due to her hard work and attention to detail Dana was promoted to a BOE Faculty position, joining Bob Logelin, the other faculty in the BOE program.   During her time with Douglas College she demonstrated expertise in delivering instruction to adult learners with special needs and barriers to employment. Dana demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in developing, revising and implementing program curricula and preparing strategies to facilitate the application of classroom learning to the laboratory or practicum setting in various vocational fields, including electronic assembly, food services and retail and business sector. More importantly, Dana has been a key figure resulting in the employment of literally hundreds of BOE graduates, most full time, many part time. Under Dana’s direction, the BOE program has evolved into one of the largest ASE programs in the province, serving in excess of 56 students annually.

In all aspects of her work, Dana had shown herself to be conscientious, dependable, flexible and hardworking; or as the parent of one of our students put it, the “consummate professional.” Dana has been a supportive and contributing team member and excellent leader, often leading by example. When dealing with diverse situations, she collaborated with both faculty and staff proactively and respectfully always keeping in the forefront the students’ best interests. With her pleasant personality, attention to detail, and very effective interpersonal skills, she has been an inspiring role model to others and a pleasure to work with. She will be greatly missed.

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